Weatherflex | TV+ & Digital

Whatever the Weather...

Kingfisher approached us to create an eye-catching TV spot for their Weatherflex paint product – showing its unique consistency, coverage, ability to withstand extreme weather conditions and their colour range inspired by the company’s home in the Lake District.

Our solution was to combine live action studio footage and a photoreal CGI house, which we could situate in a remote Lake District environment, change its colour and the weather around it with the click of a button! Alongside a smart voiceover, carefully selected warm music track, a simple and memorable product tagline and professional motion graphics, the glossy results speak for themselves – just like Weatherflex paint!

To broaden the campaign reach, we also created two 15″ cutdowns of the ad for use on Kingfisher’s Facebook page and as paid adverts, animated GIFs for social posts and to bring email marketing to life, and a motion poster to live on their home page – drawing the eye as soon as you land there, with the weather-changing CGI house in action.

Once clicked, viewers are taken through to a dedicated page for the Weatherflex product and to the full-length advert itself, scoring ‘As Seen On TV’ credibility and giving the brand a story to tell.

"We are a small manufacturing business and the creation of a TV ad to promote one of our products constituted a considerable investment for us. Past attempts to do this have always stalled before getting off the ground because the creative types did not “get” us, our products or the concept of working within a budget. However with Hotwolf, we felt from the first meeting that they did “get” us and moreover exhibited a can-do approach which helped to turn our basic concept into a fully formed plan. It would be fair to say that the resulting advert has more than met our unreasonably high expectations from our modest budget!"
Gordon Grainger | CEO KingfisherUK