Vegan Friendly (2022) | TV+

Woke Up...

Following the success of our previous collaboration, the founder of Miami Burger (and associate of Vegan Friendly) wanted us to produce an original, attention-grabbing, thought-provoking video. Aimed squarely at people who sit on the fence, the TV spot was produced in time for broadcast over the Christmas holidays and designed to shock people out of their cognitive dissonance and hypocritical stances on a range of ‘woke’ issues, in relation to animal welfare.

"I have worked with HOTWOLF over the past two years. Most recently I tasked them to create an advert that would challenge the cognitive dissonance most humans hold regarding their relationship with animals. They presented great ideas and delivered an advert that has received excellent feedback. In a domain (animal rights) which is notoriously easy to ‘miss the mark’, they understood the brief and executed it with perfection. Naturally I will continue to use them again in my next campaign."
Tom Bursnall, CEO and Founder of Miami Burger