Trailfinders (2023) | TV+

Great creative ...Everywhere

Trailfinders’ award-winning service has earned them household name status and a reputation as a widely trusted brand. When they wanted to refresh their TV creative and re-engage audiences with a new inspiring campaign, they turned to another trusted brand as their perfect travel partner… Hotwolf.

We created a brand new campaign with an emotional hook, Everywhere. Centred around family and travel – and the memories forged when they come together – the idea also speaks to the breadth of Trailfinders’ global proposition, inspiring audiences to visit Trailfinders to book their dream holiday, making new memories of their own.

We also wanted to harness the power of music to enhance the creative and make something truly memorable, something that stays with you everywhere you go! Securing the rights to cover a killer track made famous by Johnny Cash allowed us to create a visual story, driven by the lyrics, which grabs attention from the start and stays with you long after viewing.

The ad, along with multiple variants cutdowns to avoid viewer fatigue, went live this March on TV, online, in cinemas and on radio ...everywhere!

"The HOTWOLF team were the obvious choice to produce our new TV ad creative and once again they exceeded expectations. I can't speak highly enough of them and wouldn't hesitate to recommend them (but be prepared for some fun nights out along the way!)"
Nikki Davies, Marketing Director | Trailfinders