Sheilas’ Wheels | Explainer Video

Working with the marketing team at Sheilas’ Wheels, we’ve been breathing new life into their online marketing activities since 2018. A key part of their strategy is to create an ongoing suite of informative, educational videos full of their brand personality and a touch of humour, to help modernise their online presence and continue to build their brand identity.

As part of the journey, we’ve created an animated version of their iconic pink Cadillac (voiced by TV star Chizzi Akodulo) who now features regularly in our animations, social content and CRM newsletters.

“It can be challenging to keep insurance engaging, let alone entertaining - but we’re thrilled with how the series has come together. HOTWOLF have been a joy to work with, really helping us to bring our brand values to life. We’re proud to share the videos and look forward to making more.”
Gabrielle Pennington | Lead Customer Marketing Manager for esure Group