Sheilas’ Wheels | Case Study: Social

Sheilas’ Wheels is a brand full of personality; but their social channels were not living up to this potential, with no clear or cohesive strategy and content which was neither engaging existing customers, nor reaching potential new ones.

Enter Hotwolf in April 2020, creating a professional, engaging and entertaining Facebook page, helping a vibrant brand find its voice online.


Sheilas’ Wheels’ Facebook page needed a bit of a reset – both in terms of look and feel, but also strategy, purpose and goals.


We created a wide range of engaging, thumb-stopping content – from fun memes and audience-asks, to useful advice and blog-links, competitions, cinemagraphs, animated and live action videos – covering both product and lifestyle topics, helping to grow an engaged community online for Sheilas’ Wheels.


In the 6 months before working with Hotwolf, their Facebook channel got a little over 500 likes, comments and shares in total. In our first 5 months together, we delivered just shy of 34,000! Over this period, their engagement rate went from 0.09% to 0.77% (average brand ER on Facebook is 0.09%). That’s an increase of 755%! Not too shabby, Sheilas!

“It can be challenging to keep insurance engaging, let alone entertaining - but HOTWOLF have really helped us to bring our brand values to life. We’re proud to share...and look forward to making more.”
Gabrielle Pennington | Lead Customer Marketing Manager, Sheila's Wheels