Raffle House | Social

winning content

With a blend of image and smart video posts, optimised for Instagram, Facebook and their website blog, we helped online prize draw company Raffle House to deliver professional, engaging content across their social channels. We smartened up and filled their social channels, with consistent branding, FAQ reels, prize + winner information, stories and highlights.

As well as a consistent stream of winner and prize-draw information, we created inspiring content to help potential customers imagine themselves in their Dream Home, driving a Dream Car, or on a luxury safari… We informed them about the charity donations each ticket brings, explaining how the draws work and what the life-changing prizes consisted of, plus¬†exclusive social-only, free entry competitions and draws to entice new audiences.


With the company undergoing a brand refresh in late 2023, as well as as change to the nature of their grand prizes (from actual houses to huge cash sums to help people buy their Dream Home), we helped refine their messaging and tone of voice – creating a new strap line (Where Dreams Live), design templates and video house style for their website and social platforms.

To mark this change, and to help bring trust and validity to their audience, we produced a suite of video assets with new presenters. Bringing a human face to the brand was a new and important step for Raffle House, so we cast the net far and wide to find the perfect presenters to bring the right energy, trustworthiness, authenticity and slight tongue-in-cheek sense of humour needed. We produced a suite of videos with our two presenters, from simple explainers to inspiring thoughts and questions for the audience – and coordinated video calls with excited winners to capture their surprised reactions.

"HOTWOLF are a fantastic agency; our creative and social management needs are all but fully taken care of day-by-day with very little external input required. The team are smart, quick to action, diligent and a lovely bunch to work with through and through."
Benno Spencer | CEO of Raffle House