Protect Your Bubble | Case Study: Social + TV+

We began working with Protect Your Bubble (PYB) in the winter of 2017, with an initial brief to build brand awareness and positive sentiment online. Fast forward to the end of 2018 and we’d delivered a whopping 8.43% engagement rate on Facebook (vs. industry average of 0.09%). The challenge for 2019 was how to continue to build upon our successes, to find and connect with even more people and firmly cement PYB as the No.1 gadget insurance company in the UK.


PYB tasked us with creating a campaignable creative approach, that would initially be tested across social and, if successful, would then launch on TV later in the year. So we created a series of relatable everyday scenarios with their hero character Bubble, where people damage or lose their phones, then overreact like it’s the End of the World (#EotW, #Dramaggedon), with eye-popping visual effects bringing their emotion to life. However, it doesn’t have to feel like this, if you’re covered with Protect Your Bubble…


We created a huge range of #EotW flavoured social posts over the year that proved to be a huge hit with audiences online, who related directly to the feeling and the thumb-stopping visuals. So much so that by Q3 2019, the campaign launched on TV with 3 new ads, accompanied by outdoor digital, online display and podcast campaign extensions.


Across all platforms the campaign was hugely successful. Online impressions were up over 10%, website sessions up by 30% and most importantly of all sales increased by over 25%. Oh, and if that wasn't enough, our engagement rate on Facebook increased to nearly 15%! The campaign was also a shortlisted finalist in both Marketing Masters 2020 and the UK Content Awards 2020. Following global events in early 2020, the decision was taken to reframe the creative to "Avoid THAT feeling...", and the original ads have been repurposed to suit this new, ongoing and equally successful TV and online campaign.
"It was crucial for us to find an agency who could provide first class video content at a decent price with relatively short turnaround - and this is exactly what we have found with HOTWOLF. Great people to work with, strategically creative and high quality production every time."
James Keehan | Head of Marketing at ProtectYourBubble