Proxymity | Explainer Video

Investor communications and proxy voting can be complicated, and explaining it is no easy feat. That’s why Proxymity turned to Hotwolf to produce a selection of smart, professional and digestible explainer videos to help them explain their unique offering and grow their client base.

We worked closely with Proxymity to box clever and create a script which could be easily edited to create five videos – a ‘hero’ assets which explains their full offering, shorter edits which focussed on their products and one which served as a simpler introduction to the company.

We used a combination of bespoke animation, stock footage and some eye-catching CGI to bring their signature ‘dataflow’ to life and truly own the footage – which also provided several premium assets to be used in pitches, communications and on their website.

A smart, efficient solution for a smart, game-changing company.