Protect Your Bubble (2024) | TV+ • Social • Digital


When gadget insurers Protect Your Bubble wanted a fresh New Year campaign to cut through the noise, they turned again to Hotwolf to help create something truly stand out.

The “Life’s Better With Bubble” campaign spins around that heart-stopping moment when you drop your new phone and the world seems to go into slow motion as you watch it fall. But if you’re covered with Protect Your Bubble, even when the worst happens you’re still in your happy place…

We brought the concept to life using a combination of practical and CGI effects, as well as A.I. augmented slow-mo techniques, to really immerse the audience in those moments – both the impending doom, and the serene state when you remember you’re covered.


From a cappuccino collision, to a bag-for-life blunder and a football in the face, we produced three relatable scenarios where people accidentally drop their new phones – but are still smiling like they exist on a higher plane. Which of course, being Protect Your Bubble customers, they do!


With multiple cutdowns and alternate edits (including an audio-only podcast version), plus a suite of digital assets and related social content for use across PYB’s entire digital estate, the campaign launched early in 2024.

Streaming on Amazon, adapted for podcast ads, campaign-themed memes, competitions and video loops on Instagram, X, Facebook and TikTok, in spin-off sketches with the ‘Bubbleheads’ – our deliberately lo-fi answer to featuring Protect Your Bubble’s CGI mascot Bubble in platform native content.


Key to the brief was a real ‘put your phone down and look up at the telly’ moment. As well as arresting visuals which would translate well in the autoplay/sound-off world of social media, we knew music and sound needed to be integral to the creative for genuine cut through on TV and VOD.

We needed both a record scratch moment and a juicy needle drop. Something big, bold and silly (but crucially not cheesy), to blast away the amusingly downbeat first half of the ad. A fun ‘earworm’, which worked in context but could also work on its own in shorter ads and future creative, and which has the brand name/URL as part of its structure, for brand recall.

A tough ask – but working with the marvellous musical talents at Redolution Ltd we think we nailed it, without popping it.

And PYB couldn’t have been happier with the results…

"The brief was challenging and articulating exactly what we wanted was difficult. However, HOTWOLF understood our wants and needs even better than we did at times. Their expertise enabled us to ultimately deliver a final piece that perfectly aligned with our brand."
Corinne Webb | Marketing Manager, Protect Your Bubble UK