Protect Your Bubble | Case Study: TikTok

Popping up on TikTok...

Having run Protect Your Bubble’s (industry benchmark-smashing) social media channels for years, we were thrilled to launch onto TikTok with them.

Key to success on this fast-growing platform is authenticity; native content, with more of an unvarnished, DIY look and feel. Many brands slip up here and it was immediately a challenge for PYB given their mascot is a high-end CGI Bubble! Luckily, PYB is a bold brand with a strong sense of character…

(Bubble)Heads in the game!

We created the Bubbleheads – a group of giant papier-mâché headed characters who could play as cyphers for the audience in the videos, alongside Bubble himself in human form! This opened the door for us to make sketches, scenarios and relatable mini-stories with the eye-catching and instantly recognisable characters – , filming anywhere with just about anyone behind the masks, block-shooting to keep costs down and without having to rope in unwilling office employees!

Around this content, we developed a robust content strategy which included tech tips, industry updates, promotions and offers, competitions, relatable video-memes – all using trending sounds and filters, often created in the TikTok app itself.

A Christmas competition asked people to duet with a video of Bubble wrapping presents. This really connected with the audience and garnered some fantastically imaginative entries – with the winner making her own mini replica of the Bubblehead Bubble itself!

The numbers:

The average engagement on new TikTok brand channels varies widely and depends on various factors such as the frequency of posting, use of hashtags and overall marketing strategy. While an average engagement rate of 0.5-4% of total followers is common among new TikTok brand channels, the 2022 Rival IQ Benchmark Report noted that accounts with less than 50k followers had an average engagement rate of 4.1%.

Against this, our Protect Your Bubble TikTok account has achieved exceptional results – with an engagement rate of 19.46%!

Now that’s how to launch a bubble with a bang, not a pop!

“When we made the decision to get started on TikTok, we knew it was going to be a challenge to establish ourselves and stand out from the crowd in a unique new space. HOTWOLF helped us build up from scratch, ideating and delivering truly exciting and memorable creative content - as well as providing impeccable technical support and guidance - which helped make our launch and our ongoing presence on the platform a genuine success story.”
Rob Duke, Senior Marketing Executive | Protect Your Bubble