Protect Your Bubble | Social

Social content that's truly bubbly

We have created multiple strands of social content for PYB over the last 4 years, breathing fresh life into their channels – including the use of high-quality VFX to allow their CGI Bubble character to play a part in their social output, giving them a holistic message for the first time. Working across Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, with a combination of relatable tech memes, competitions, interactive imagery and polls, GIFs and cinemagraphs, even a real-world interactive treasure hunt… we’ve consistently kept ProtectYourBubble at the top of the social game.

popping the competition...

In our first year, we increased total engagements across all platforms from 70k to 317k. In our second, we delivered 686k…

In the same year, we delivered an engagement rate* of 7.54% on Facebook, compared to industry standard for brands on Facebook of 0.09%. That’s +8,277% better than industry standard. Woof.


*total key engagements ÷ followers ÷ number of posts

Working with HOTWOLF is how working with every agency should be. They are quick to grasp, timely, helpful, flexible, attentive and full of ideas and interest. Where they really stand out is creativity, from daily Facebook posts to large-scale audio-visual content concepts the creative is always exciting, unique, well thought out and aligned. And not to mention successful, we see outstanding results year after year.”
Corrine Webb | Marketing Manager of Protect Your Bubble UK