Highland Titles | TV+ & Digital

Lord (or Lady) it up...

Highland Titles asked us to bring their unique proposition to life with a professional TV ad which would play well in their key markets and help them stand apart from other companies in this space. We wanted to bring a memorable hook to the campaign with a tag-line which could play well in the TVC and across future social content, a relatable sense of humour acknowledging the novelty gifting nature of the product, and eye-catching visuals.

We used simple and effective VFX to bring our concept to life – open the gift of land… and a portal to the stunning Scottish highlands!


To broaden the campaign reach and make the budget punch hard for them, we also created a suite of digital assets and duration cutdowns (for both US and UK/European markets), to be used in social media and across online advertising platforms. From single images to motion posters, video loops and bespoke how-to and unboxing reaction videos.

This included materials taken from the main ad to help make the tagline famous and boost audience recall, but also additional assets to bring their output into visual alignment with the new video; creating a new ‘house style’ for their content and providing templates for future materials. This also provided an opportunity to include important marketing messages which didn’t fit into the main 30-second TVC – namely the key conservation angle and the fact that you actually do own a plot of land in Scotland which you can visit anytime, which sets them apart from competitors who have no such offering.

With all this, we’re pleased to say the client thought we were spiffing – and the results were certainly upper class!


"The team at HOTWOLF are an absolute pleasure to work with. They provided a first-class advert for us and they are positively brimming with ideas and imaginative ways to get the brand across. The whole experience was fun and productive and we look forward to working with them again in the future."
Doug Wilson | CEO of Highland Titles