Guerillascope | TV+

Setting scopes on TV

When award-winning media agency Guerillsacope wanted their very own TV ad to attract new advertisers to TV, turned round during 2020’s first lockdown, they turned to us as a trusted partner – knowing we could create an eye-catching, engaging ad in a short time, and on a modest budget. We used both licensed footage and choice, home-shot scenes to bring the script to life (and an animated gorilla, of course). The spot helped drive 250+ new enquiries from curious brands – some of which we’re proud to say are now Hotwolf clients..!

"We have now been working with HOTWOLF for over 4 years and they are a pleasure to work with. Efficient, responsive and very effective. The work they produce is at a very high standard and our clients have never been anything other than impressed!"
Jay Bhatt | Director, Guerillascope