Council Fostering | Social + Online

warming hearts & opening minds

To help Telford & Wrekin Council reach a wider audience and find more foster carers in their borough, we worked with Global Radio to create this emotional, beautiful video, featuring a new character, “Sophie”. Multiple edits were made to maximise reach and impact online, and Sophie proved so popular she quickly became the face of Fostering for Telford & Wrekin – in social banners and icons, and she even found her way onto a bus wrap which we created for them.

Following the success of Sophie, we created a complimentary set of characters to breathe further life into the campaign, and allowing for deeper messages of inclusion and diversity in the client’s online materials.

We’re very proud of our work on the campaign – deliberately simple in style, but all the more powerful for it (there wasn’t a dry eye in the room after the first screening for the marketing team). But the achievements weren’t just creative – this campaign was one of the client’s most successful ever, with all online metrics seeing huge increases (in many cases over 1,000%) – in fact, this campaign helped Telford & Wrekin become the only council in the UK in 2020 that saw foster parents applications increase YOY (vs 2019).

"Could not recommend HOTWOLF more...the whole team have been immense. Their process, communication and enthusiasm has made the entire campaign an absolute joy. Oh, and the campaign was a huge success during a phenomenally bad 2020: the client was very, very happy. What, you want more? Why are you still reading this? Call them! Call them now!"
Anthony Riley | Senior Creative Manager, Global Radio