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Compact Creativity

When eFOLDi wanted digital ads to target a new audience in Florida, the global experts in compact mobility scooters turned to the global experts in digital advertising; Hotwolf!

Working with product imagery and limited footage provided by a US-based partner, we produced a full suite of promo spots for use on social and digital channels, with multiple cutdowns and static variants – 69 assets in total, all in a tight timeframe to coincide with other marketing activity on the ground.

With smart motion graphics and concise title scripts, we created variants focusing on different key selling points and RTBs that would appeal to the audience in Florida. This allowed eFOLDi to A/B/C/D test marketing angles, developing learnings to help refine future media spend and targeting.

Just like their award-winning scooters, we made sure they had a smooth ride with exceptional handling and a quality finish!

Click on the image to view one of the promo spots, optimised for use on social.

“HOTWOLF put together some really good content and communicated clearly and quickly which made our lives a lot easier. I would thoroughly recommend them!”
Tim Ross, National Sales Manager | eFOLDi