Boss Baby | Case Study: Social + Influencer

To help promote the release of their film The Boss Baby, Dreamworks asked their media agency Mindshare to join forces with a trusted partner and create an influencer campaign in the UK. Having pioneered this market from as early as 2010 (through our previous agency, ChannelFlip), Mindshare knew we had the experience and credentials to deliver an original campaign with editorial safeguards. To create something great-looking, engaging and above all effective in spreading positive word about this upcoming theatrical release.


Done right, there are few better ways to win fast, organic views and influence online sentiment than working with the “right” Social Influencers. The challenge was to find them, in time and on budget, and to then work with them to buy in to our creative idea – “The Wheel of (mis)Fortune”…


We partnered with four of the biggest UK Influencers with a mum audience – The Saccone Jolys, MotherPucker, The Dad Lab and BrummyMummyOf2. Each got sent their own Boss-Baby branded “Wheel of (mis)Fortune” interactive prop, with loose instructions on how to create their own unique video – albeit with some help from Hotwolf. With their own babies getting to be the boss for the day, what could possibly go wrong…?! Working with each of the Influencers in their own inimitable style, all four final videos were an instant hit with their fans right from the off.


With over 900k views and 30k comments in only four days, we think the results were super-boss. Oh, and did we mention we did all of this, from campaign to sign-off, in only 3 weeks…?

“One of the smoothest processes I've had working with Influencers"
Sam Wood, Partnerships Director | Invention by Mindshare